Dr. Glenn Morris

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Exceptional Ability: no apparent trait, though he has been exposed to telepathic contact for many years. He has the ability to know when he is being telepathically observed, also known as telepathic sensitivity.

Character introduced in Book 1, Chapter 7.

Out of an abundance of caution, Dr. Glenn Morris has done his best to remove all traces of his identity and whereabouts from public and private records. Even his close associate, Dr. Donald Trent, is no longer in contact with Dr. Morris. The last, best guess as to his whereabouts was Switzerland, but no attempt has yet been made to confirm this rumor.

Dr. Morris is a medical doctor with an interest in biomedical research, particularly of unusual and unique patients. He coined the term “Exceptionals” to describe individuals with unique physical or mental abilities. He worked with these subjects for most of his career. He has both studied Exceptionals and created terminology to label their abilities. For those who have telepathic ability, he created a ranking scale to indicate their level of power and how they rank in comparison to others with similar abilities.

His last patient, Kura Maruyama, is the reason he is now in hiding.


“Exceptionals can be extremely dangerous and precautions should be taken when dealing with them. The unethical ones who have harnessed their abilities and use those abilities without regard to the safety of others, or worse, when they attempt to use others with their abilities, pose a significant threat to the general public.” — Dr. Morris

“It seems strange, and I have no way of logically proving this, but all telepaths, and perhaps all Exceptionals with mental and physical abilities, eventually come together. It’s very likely that they are seeking answers about themselves and stumble upon others with similar abilities. Or perhaps there is some genetic drive, some evolutionary pull, that attracts them to each other.” — Dr. Morris