Amy Tsang

Amy Tsang, writer and actress

Born in Massachusetts, Amy Tsang is a first-generation Chinese American. She grew up in suburban Connecticut until the age of 14 and then moved with her family to metropolitan Hong Kong. Amy began her acting career in Hong Kong after placing as a top five finalist in The Miss Hong Kong Pageant, winning an artist contract with TVB Network where she completed the TVB Training Course (Alum: Chow Yun Fat) and then went on to starring in popular Hong Kong network television drama and comedy series.

Now based in Los Angeles, Amy’s most recent work includes starring in the feature film Love Shot, appearing in Fox’s Lucifer, Showtime’s Shameless and the feature film Snakehead, as well as co-writing a new original series, Lady Luck with 2018 HBO Visionary Awards Winner Fiona Roan.

Rochelle Muzquiz

Rochelle Muzquiz, creator, writer and actress

Rochelle Muzquiz is a Portland-based actor, writer and filmmaker originally from Texas.

Rochelle’s passion for film began as a kid when she adopted the used VHS camcorder her dad brought home from work. Inventing scenes on the fly with camera in-hand, Rochelle would make improv videos with her friends at slumber parties and create comedic shorts for school projects. At 14, she wrote her first screenplay called Empty Heads, featuring Barbie dolls and miniature sets she spent all summer building in the living room (thanks, Mom!).

Today, Rochelle is a professional actor represented by Arthouse Talent in Portland, Oregon and has appeared in independent films, theatre and commercials. She also recently completed post-production on Half-Quaked, a mockumentary feature she co-created, in which she plays an anxious journalist who interviews offbeat characters about Portland’s imminent earthquake.

In 2015, Rochelle was approached by Greg Kerr, who was developing the role of Marnie Vega for Exceptionals. He cast her in the pilot and invited her to co-write Marnie’s scenes. Rochelle and Greg quickly discovered they had a creative spark between them. They began co-writing story arcs for other characters, organizing shoots, and making a pitch plan. Since then, they have filmed pilot and trailer scenes in Hawaii, Death Valley, Los Angeles, Texas and Bolivia, and they have developed the bulk of the series in partnership, with support from Los Angeles actress/writer Amy Tsang.

Greg Kerr

Greg Kerr, creator, writer, actor

Award-winning writer, director and producer of the multiple award-winning independent feature Unremembered (2009), Greg Kerr has been writing and directing films since he was 11 years old, having premiered his first 3-minute film extravaganza (from an 8mm reel) in his living room.

I have a scary-good memory for details. I wow (and annoy) friends and students with my recall of specific details on an almost daily basis. I’m serious about writing — so much so, I got a Master’s degree in it. I’m also a huge fan of science fiction — I’m a super-fan if there ever was one.

Science fiction fans are picky and want thought-provoking stories. They also hate inconsistency in plots. Me, too, but even more so than the average fan because I remember those inconsistencies for a long, long time.

As writers on this show, we want to honor sci fi fans, and we also don’t want to get caught off-guard by them. This is why details, research and careful planning are of utmost importance if you want to make an enduring and endearing sci fi show.”

Greg has traveled all over the world and can speak and read a little of this and a little of that. Along the way he got a Bachelors in Asian History and studied Anthropology, Biology, and Acting, then went on to get a Masters in Writing.

A native Oregonian, Greg has lived in Portland since 2000. His day job is teaching web design and content writing classes at Portland Community College. His weekends and breaks are all about screenwriting and producing.

Greg meets Greg in the hallway.
Greg is very productive. There is some speculation that there are two of him.

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