About Exceptionals

Exceptionals is an independent original series that combines drama, science fiction and super-hero realism elements.

Exceptionals series follows the lives of a group of people who have unusual genetic traits that confer advantages on them that are much like super powers. The series is drama and includes high concept science fiction and thought-provoking dialogue and situations. The first four episodes are being produced and will be released after a marketing and promotion period soon.

The first four episodes (the pilot episodes) are self-funded by Full Brain Films, with a goal of production company or studio partnership to pitch to a network. Agents and managers who have experience with production company or studio pitches are welcome to contact us as well.

Key elements of the series:

  • The pilot episodes include introductions of all the main series arcs and all the major characters (see Heroes and Villains below).
  • Episodes are hour long drama length (45 to 56 minutes) each — they can be edited and tailored to commercial network broadcast as well as streaming platforms.
  • Each episode includes a compelling opening hook and dramatic cliff-hanger ending. On-going character and series arcs are well established in the pilot episodes.
  • Season length is planned at 16 episodes per season. Six seasons have been outlined in detail in the series bible.
  • The current content is suitable for ages 14 and up (TV-14). The content can be adjusted (to TV-MA) to suit the target audience and keep with the show concept.
  • A marketing plan and series bible are available to networks and investors upon request.

The trailer below highlights just one character, Brynne Vaness, as she travels from Portland, Oregon to Varanasi, India to Las Vegas, Nevada. At first, she’s on a quest for knowledge, then on a flight for survival. (Note: the Brynne story arc was originally planned to be a self-contained web series, but it is now included in the main Exceptionals series.)