Her name was not originally Kate, but it is the name given to her by Radha Misra after Radha acquired Kate from her family in Myanmar. Radha paid a large sum of money and spent considerable Misra family resources to acquire this girl and traffic her out of Myanmar and into Thailand and, from there, to India. Considering Kate’s high level mental ability, Radha believes Kate was worth the investment.

Character introduced in Book 1, Chapter 62.

Exceptional Ability: Passive, proximal (short-range), suppressive telepathy.

Dr. Morris’ Medical Notes

We believe there are individuals who have passive, proximal (short-range), suppressive telepathy. They cannot read minds, however they constantly produce telepathic brain waves that cancel out telepathic activity. It is theorized that a person with passive cancellation might be able to do this in their sleep as well. This means that this type of suppressive telepathy can cancel out beta wave-based and delta wave-based telepathy. Perhaps they may even be able to cancel out gamma wave-based telepathy (which is telepathy that can affect emotions).